Lucky Pierre #1

More than juxtaposition, conceptual frottage. Delights abound.

And let me add only that in the psychological sphere the abnormal man is he who demands, who appeals, who begs. (Fanon, Black Skin, White Masks)

Language, syntax, the appurtenances of “style,” perform more truly than they register an erotic cathexis, a condensation or dilation of pleasure, a circuit of fantasmatic identifications that articulate desire; and as it is always one’s prerogative to be bored by what someone else may find desirable (though boredom itself is never innocent or exempt from a relationship to eros), so it is always one’s prerogative to find someone else’s relation to language too simple or too complex, too alien or too familiar to provide a recognizably satisfactory aesthetic/erotic pleasure. (Lee Edelman, Homographesis

And in addition, M. Salomon, I have a confession to make to you: I have never been able, without revulsion, to hear a man say of another man:”He is so sensual!” I do not know what the sensuality of a man is. (Fanon, Black Skin, White Masks)