Post Onitsha #1

Dear my Darling Sweetest Rose,

I am walking outside and the wind smells like your hair. I see the trees dancing and I remember holding you, my sweetest.

I cannot wait till we meet again when I will hold your hand and kiss you and make you feel so special, my sweet Rose.

And then maybe this time we will do the thing that proves our love.

Your most loving most faithful to death,


My gorgeous faithful endless love Bobby,

I have been dreaming of your sweet breath and your words are like chocolate on a bitter tongue. I am tingling, even in that place, until we meet again.

Oh, my dear darling, I dream about your eyes and your hands and when we will meet again so you say you love me. You are my only true and sweet and endless love. When we meet next time we will sing the song again.

I want to do the thing. I love you enough, endlessly, to wait until we have our own house and I am yours forever in God’s eyes.

Your sweetest smelling,