Desire (Pizzicato)

He relished the tartness of stolen berries, red lace seemed unnatural, but one had to consider the worms, and a splash of meaning

He said that flowers seemed too obvious and was pleased with spiny offerings, claiming that water-starved plants suited a world denuded of love, but then he had to account for the fleshy desert plants and his tastes, sharp with a pleasing roundness

He had learned the pleasures of guilt and played overwrought love songs

Tenderness was required as her teeth were fragile.

a suitable metaphor

Refrain from triteness.

As a rule, it limited encounters with the love industry, laden with overstocked phrases, Titus Andronicus masquerading as Romeo and Juliet, we all fall down

I’m Shirley Temple, I have a dimple to match my underwear, I have a tailor, and curls and smiles and dances – I will not dance

Arrhythmia makes him lose the beat

Once he pressed flowers like heroines in beautiful books—in a country without seasons it made little sense, but Romeo and Juliet is universal, like butter and jam, bata and jams, batter my – did you think it would be that easy

2 thoughts on “Desire (Pizzicato)

  1. It’s hard to know what to say to these sinuous lines of yours, which both invigorate and ennervate. The whole series has been like bottled lightning.

    Thank you.

  2. My pleasure (too much punning)

    I liken the entire thing, which ends April 30, to chewing cud. A special blend of regurgitation and repetition, with some of the mindless pleasure of watching porn.

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