Queer : Again (Jamaica)

John has posted on anti-gay violence in Jamaica. I have little to add. At times, silence may be the only possible response.

I can respond, though, to his wonderful selection from Audre Lorde. With a poem from Lorde’s lesser-known (unknown?) contemporary, Adrian Stanford.


had my father known
when he cast forth his offering
to the sea of my mother’s womb
what creation their joy would bring
would he have welcomed the man/she child its birth
heralding my duality as natures zenith (in human form)
and blessed the son he held for all to see
keeping my sister/self obscured, until
i understood my second destiny –
or would he have shuddered at the fate his loins possessed
and retracting from those clashing thighs,
let the seeds that bore such strains
meet their end upon the ground

Copyright © 1977, Adrian Stanford, from Black and Queer, Boston: Good Gay Poets