Not everyone believes in monogamy, but everyone lives as though they do. Everyone is aware of lying or wanting to tell the truth when loyalty or fidelity are at stake. Everyone thinks of themselves as betraying or betrayed. Everyone feels jealous or guilty, and suffers the anguish of their preferences. And the happy few who apparently never experience sexual jealousy are always either puzzled about this or boast about it. No one has ever been excluded from feeling left out. And everyone is obsessed by what they are excluded from. Believing in monogamy, in other words, is not unlike believing in God. (Adam Phillips, Monogamy, 1)

2 thoughts on “Monogamy

  1. ===Believing in monogamy, in other words, is not unlike believing in God.

    Monogamy is a practice, in modern times often so imperfectly that the mere intention to practice will suffice.

    Monogamy in the old days was a legally binding contact between kings/chiefs/communities and sealed by (virginal) blood, some might the oldest contract, to enSURE a pure bloodline/inheritance. In this form monogamy goes by the name marriage. Monogamy outside of marriage outside of inheritance is meaningless.
    Alas, it is only binding/enforceable on women. If one was caught cheating she would be stoned to death.
    The ealiest gods were gods of fertility. Fertility for humans, their animals and crops.
    If a woman was though to be infertile, she went to the priest to be cured.
    The Priests of course did not practice this monogamy.
    But i digress, perhaps?

  2. i do agree with “Believing in monogamy, in other words, is not unlike believing in God”.

    Monogamy is a practice which requires a lot of faith. and yes like our faith in god we sometimes fall short actually a lot of the time. lol

    as human we always give ourselves unrealistic virtues to live up to. This makes life so much harder than it really is. lol

    Humans… so complicated.

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