I surrender

I continue to think tagging is something one does to domestic animals, suspect cancer cells, and fat children (I was humiliated *several* times). I respond because of my deep respect for Rombo and M.

1. When I was 10, I got lost at the Nairobi ASK show. Our friendly Kenyan police were extremely helpful. Since then, I constantly ask the police for all sorts of things: directions, escorts home, documentation, and shelter.

2. I read very slowly.

3. My new favorite fruit: pomegranates.

4. Kitchen essential-indulgence: a mandoline.

5. I am quite baffled by the taste for “Kenyan tea.” In no particular order, I drink: Lady Grey, Irish Breakfast, Jasmine, Russian Caravan, English Breakfast, and Earl Grey. I have no taste for green or white tea. To my initial dismay and eventual delight, I love fruit teas.

6. In bible school, Eschatology was my favorite subject. Nowadays, I spend less time gazing at the skies and marveling at our inability to learn the consistent lesson of all other ages: no one knows the day or the time. Every other age was as convinced as ours that the signs were in order. Mostly, I blame CNN (a metonym for 24 hour, sensational news).

7. Academia, while pleasurable, consists of constant, crippling anxiety.

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