If rumors have any merit, Bill Frist is in the running for Paul Wolfowitz’s job.

Do we really want the World Bank under a doctor who looked at a video of a brain dead woman and proclaimed her alive?

The possible economic absurdities strain the imagination.

2 thoughts on “Potholes=Prosperity

  1. pray do tell why do we have such high expectations of Mr. Bush and his administration? LOL, expect the worst, any maybe Frist is his best option :(

  2. I have few expectations, or perhaps I should say, I have very low expectations of the Texan. But it strikes me that, given Frist’s earlier position, we might see absurdities such as

    1. Those people aren’t starving. They simply want to become Top Models.
    2. I don’t understand why people complain about slums. The close proximity of housing promotes community and national feeling.
    3. It might look like corruption, but, really, it’s a strategic way to enhance the economy, indebted to trickle-down theory.

    And the like.

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