Two by Two?

I know the Ark was big. Very big. So big that it was, well, big. Perhaps BIG. Or, even better, B.I.G. But, I still wonder how Noah got all the animals to fit . Weren’t there moments when he looked at something, considered it ugly (he was the new Adam, after all), and barred it from entering? (Thus being the most influential velvet rope bouncer of all time).

What if the female of the species was prettier? Or if the male had more impressive plumage? Are we sure Noah didn’t practice some form of “you’re hot, you’re not?”

Well, Science (always with a capital S) may have an answer: Parthenogenesis. Now, those who, unlike me, actually completed their degrees in bio-sciences know all about parthenogenesis. For laypeople like me, it simply means that one member of a species can reproduce without “aid” from another member. (virgin births all around!)

As I said, this is not new. What’s new and increasingly important is the extent to which parthenogenesis happens, especially in creatures once understood to be on the sexual reproduction side of the binary (Std. 6: sexual and asexual reproduction).

Perhaps Noah took a lot of singles on the Ark; maybe there really was a singles’ scene, “Hey, nice feathers,” “Thanks, nice fur,” and perhaps it was then that the oddest looking creatures were “born.” (Yes, I’m queering the Ark. Though, c’mon, it’s already a pretty queer space anyway.)