Yet another take

I spent many years failing Geography. Given a map, I could identify Lake Turkana (looks like a worm), Lake Victoria (borders Kenya and Uganda), and the Indian Ocean (it’s big). Everything else looked like dots and squiggles. Still does.

For that reason, I am reluctant to laugh at anyone else’s gaffes. On the other hand, this young lady’s mistake is not based on geography, but on an idea that knowledge production is fundamentally linked to consumption.

U.S. Americans who cannot find the country on a map cannot do so because they do not own maps. Absurd as it seems, she simply applies the same logic that marks education, all the way from the super-elite kindergartens through the multiple test-training programs: educational attainment, or knowledge more broadly, is a commodity. We know what we buy.

See Kym Platt’s take.