Apologies (and reading tips)

To less patient readers. I am in dense academic writing mode and it’s almost impossible to switch into readable blog prose.

On the other hand, should you experience any troubles reading me, practice close reading techniques: slow down, savor not just the meaning but the sensuality of language, understand that, unless I’m blogging about the terrible, terrible, terrible elections and their aftermath, I often write with a smile in my prose.

Look for the smile.

If all else fails, load up on your intoxicant of choice (chocolate, coffee, wine) and pretend that I am equally drunk, and that we bear no responsibilities for what we say and how we say it.

5 thoughts on “Apologies (and reading tips)

  1. loool! Apology accepted.

    Often, I have found that I need to do a series of copy-pasting of words in my thesauras, that is if I have to get anywhere close to extracting meaning (more like perceived than actual) out of your posts. My main problem is that I only read blogs when I am tired,(that is after doing those other things that my life demands I do) which does not help matters.

    But that is just an excuse, I understand basic English anytime of day :)

    Also, since I am never too sure, I avoid making a fool of myself by leaving a comment. What if I misunderstood the post in the first place, what will people think?

  2. I think the great lesson that teaching has taught me is that I *will* be a fool. My fly will be open, I’ll have spilled food on my shirt, my nose will be dripping, my eyes will be crusty, but I *still* have to teach.

    It’s a life lesson: I can’t control what “people think.” I can control, however, what I want to bring to and take from the experience. I have dictionary.com open all day every day. I check the OED at least 20 times a day. I spend more time on Wikipedia than I should admit. I *don’t know* a lot of stuff.

    You know the great thing, there are resources available and people who are always willing to help me learn.

    *off the teacher soap-box*

  3. I should have mentioned too, that I infact read most of your posts, a clear indication that there is some ‘sensuality of language’ that draws me.

  4. Hi & greetings from New Zealand, I just came across your blog (oh, bad unintended pun)and enjoy it very much.

    I know very little of Africa, and nothing of Kenya beyond what I read, and even less of gay life there. Thank you for what you write.

    Keep going!

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