Identify this Quote

Author and text (bonus points for publication year):

“Metal on concrete jars my drink lobes.”

** Since I need writing time, I will pull a Larry and hold off on posting until I get a response for this ID.

6 thoughts on “Identify this Quote

  1. I assume using Google would be cheating?

    I’m currently wandering through _The Captive Mind_/Czeslaw Milosz. He says, “Anyone gripped in the claws of dialectics is forced to admit that the thinking of private philosophers, unsupported by citations from authorities, is sheer nonsense.” And yet the book is entirely without footnotes. Should I read the one you quote instead?

  2. Congratulations!

    I *knew* I should have excluded academics from this!

    Now, I will have to return to blogging before I had anticipated. Perhaps I shall blog about Soyinka.

  3. Wow you have been blogging for a while. I like these posts, it gets the mind going. Too many people out there with nothing to say. Cheers Gurika!

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