Pissed Off

For once, just once, I would like Kenyan leaders to surprise me. I would like to see them approach politics as service, not power-grabbing or, as the new euphemism has it, power-sharing.

In the coming days, others will have much more informed things to say about Muthaura’s statement (I just misspelled it as Mutharau), about the ridiculous demands that we expand the executive, about the real lack of concern demonstrated toward the IDP population—or should we simply call them victims of political cupidity?—about the absurd position that we shall continue “as we were.”

For now, I am angry. Very angry.

**As serendipity would have it, on the kbw aggregator, Ory’s post precedes mine. Taken together our titles read, “excuse me while I gag after bitter herbs.” This was not planned.