Blog Posts that Should Be Written (by someone else)

  1. Men in Tights (and the men who heart them)
  2. Love Soured in an African Pot
  3. Kenyan Phalluses: Flywhisks, Rungus, and Golf Clubs
  4. Small-town Buses
  5. Greyhound v. Amtrak
  6. Greyhound v. American Airlines
  7. Amtrak v. American Airlines
  8. Walking v. American Airlines
  9. Repetition and Pathology
  10. Fanon’s Penis (this has been done; just want more)
  11. Men’s Shoes: The Absence of Variety
  12. Men in Boots (and the queers who heart them)
  13. My Shameful Crush on Kenny Chesney’s jean-clad Body
  14. Bland Hotness: Mario Lopez
  15. Hot Sex, and Diseases that Burn
  16. Maize or Corn
  17. Why I hate Ugali
  18. Why I hate Githeri
  19. Queer Africans & The Academy (or Keguro’s life)
  20. The Truth: New Shocking Revelations by Mutumia
  21. Wakiri the Wag: Why He Matters

**While these categories are idiosyncratically my own, I take the idea of lists and listings from Gay Prof. He’s on my blogroll. I’m too lazy to link. Check him out. Multiple meanings intended.

5 thoughts on “Blog Posts that Should Be Written (by someone else)

  1. Being a transportation-obsessed fellow (please don’t ask why), I’m tempted to take a stab at numbers 4 through 8. Maybe when I take up blogging again, heavens know when.

    Is it too much to ask for some quick responses to #15? Preferably first-hand accounts from burnt victims…?

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