Dear Barack Obama:

Please tell us about:

The Black Church
The Black School
Black Fashion
Black Food
Black Butter
Black Shoes
Black Books
Black Movies
Black Movie Stars
Black TV
Black Music
Black Blackness
Black Itself-in-Itself
Black For-Itself
Black For-Others
Black Hair
Black Poems
Black Songs
Black Basketball
Black Football
Black Diplomacy
Black Sex
Black Sex
Black Sex
Black Sex
Black Women
Black Sex
Black Men
Black Sex
Black Disease
Black Sex


Clueless Talking Heads, aka Chris Matthews

6 thoughts on “Dear Barack Obama:

  1. I have a post somewhere in me about the speech and what caused it. I would go against the grain and say that, for academics, it might have been unremarkable: I heard every single thing I’ve been reading about for the last many years, predominantly that race is more complicated than we like to think and we have done a not-so-good job of dealing with its complexities.

    What was remarkable–and this speaks poorly about political discourse in general–was that it was thoughtful and meditative, not a series of soundbites designed to appease this or that group. Commentators have been marveling that the U.S. population have the “patience” (read intelligence) to pay attention. This speaks badly about how the press, on the left and right, view their audience. But also makes Lauren Berlant’s larger point about the infantilization of citizenship.

  2. if they weren’t scared of Michelle . . . you know they’d try to pull that Harold Ford business–can I still have a crush on him even though he’s a “republican” and hates gay people? Can I?

  3. Don’t forget: Black Anger, Black Rage, Black Humor, Black Indifference, Black Genitalia, Black Dreaming, Black Fear, Black Religiosity, Black Poverty, Black Bourgieness (which is different from Bourgeoisiedom), Black Differences, Black-Not-Wanting-To-Be-White-But-Wanting-To-Be-Something-Other-Than-Black, Black-Wanting-To-Be-White, Black Wanting Something Not-Black People Don’t Understand, Black Hope, (h/t to Cornell West: Black Nihilisms), Blacks….

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