Gay Pride

Kai Wright offers a beautiful meditation on why it matters to everyone, not just “the gays.”

I refuse to argue, for instance, that I didn’t “choose” to be gay. Sure I did, and that’s what’s great about it. Every openly gay person has had to make an active choice to reject shame and embrace his or her own, self-defined sexuality; that’s a step a whole lot of straights could stand to take, too.
. . .
Maybe if we gays reclaimed our posts at the frontline of the fight for sexual liberation, we could lead everyone in figuring out how to do that. Then we’d all have happy, proud sex lives that are both disease-free and riotously fun.

I’ll just note that increasingly I am more interested in thinking about what it means to “choose to be gay,” a notion that, to my mind, is much more radical than we often allow. That for another post.

3 thoughts on “Gay Pride

  1. Why do gays feel the need to define themselves by their sexuality? Do you see heterosexuals going around shouting about what they do in their bedrooms?

  2. For what its worth im in san fran and they just did a huge gay parade…in hindsight i should have gone and taken pictures but i was too hangied lol

  3. @ KenyaLuv

    Sorry, my English is bad.

    I’d never have felt the need to go around and tell that I’m gay until YOU made me feel this need, because YOU define me by my sexuality and tell me, I’m wrong and bad because of what I do in my bedroom.

    Heterosexuals don’t feel this need, because I am NOT inerested in what they do in their bedrooms and DON’T make this a problem for them and noone does.

    As I know that you are heterosexual as well you may know that I’m gay. I never told you what I do in my bedroom. YOU picture without any shame and proprieties what I might do there and blame it on me.

    If there weren’t people like you, I’d never have had any problems with my sexuality. It’s my sexuality, I grew up with it, and it’s normal for me like your sexuality is normal for you.

    People like you are born with a place in the society, THEIR society. You even never think about it, because you just have it. And you told me even then when I was a little boy, that there’s no place for me and that you don’t want to have me there.

    And so I’m going around to find a place, thankful that I’m not in jail or in a concentration camp or already killed because you don’t like what I do in my bedroom, what is absolutely no business of yours. But you think it is and condemn me.

    And you ask me why I go around!

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