Un-Puzzle Me

Before she abandoned the internets for a rich life elsewhere, Mutumia posted a cryptic ad featuring the herbalist Ssenga Biliwa.

Among the many treatments, Ssenga Biliwa offers to help “Develop those twin towers (flaps) in 2 days.”

Wise readers, what are “twin towers (flaps)”?

4 thoughts on “Un-Puzzle Me

  1. First, how do you know this?
    Second, how do you know this?
    Third, how do you know this?

    I had to search online to find images. Apparently, “twin towers” are in!
    How strange. How utterly delicious. I feel educated.

  2. I am blessed, due to my lack of field, to converse with the low brow using their crass jargon. I’ve also found to be a useful, if not an entertaining, way to obliterate ignorance.

    However, I didn’t even need to google this one.

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