Obama Essay, Ongoing

I have been invited to contribute an essay on Obama to the journal Qualitative Sociology. The essay is due at the beginning of next year, and will reflect on the first year of Obama’s presidency. My role is to comment on Obama in relation to Kenya, though not exclusively.

In the spirit of Aaron’s latest postings on The Wire, I will keep an ongoing conversation going through the year, an ongoing drafting process, so to speak, and I invite your comments to help me shape my thinking.

2 thoughts on “Obama Essay, Ongoing

  1. I’m excited to hear it and look forward to it!

    By the way, one of the things I’ve come to believe as I’ve been writing on the Wire is that there’s something really interesting going on with the idea of homosocial/homosexual spaces as a kind of escape from the capitalist economy’s insistence on productivity that I don’t yet have any idea to do with, but I’m sure I wouldn’t be thinking along these lines were it not for reading your stuff. And yet the aesthetic of The Wire is extremely homoerotic in ways that seem to be central to how its politics work, and in a deeply intentional way.

  2. From the Wire to Batouala, which I’m teaching right now. There’s something about particular kinds of sex, and not only the homoerotic (the argument on it in relation to capitalism I know, and will send to you when I figure it out–I’m thinking about Lee Edelman and Judith Halberstam’s recent work on queer negativity, see especially the PMLA forum on it in, I think, the May 2006 issue, though don’t quote me on that).

    So, in Batouala, how sex becomes this diasporic commentary and critique of relationships structured by the demands of capital–and it’s not just pleasure, it’s explicitly sex.

    My damned book might just have acquired another chapter! (I did have a gap between 1910 and 1929, and this fills it nicely.)

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