The Kenya I Want

A year ago, I was sending emails to friends and family to ask if they were okay. If they were safe.

Today, I’m sending emails to new friends and activists asking them if they are okay and urging them to take care of themselves.

In the Kenya I want, these emails would be unnecessary because I would not worry whether Jayne Mati or Philo Ikonya or Dipesh Pabari would be safe.

That’s the Kenya I want.

What Kenya do YOU want? What are you doing to get us there?

2 thoughts on “The Kenya I Want

  1. Strangely I now carry the shame of the guilt for a crime I haven’t committed. I am ashamed and feel guilty for the bad things that are happening, could it be because while these activists have put their lives on the line to fight for true freedom all I have done is watch from the sidelines?

    I must not remain a Silent Witness.

  2. Yes.

    Increasingly, I am convinced that we can no longer complain or remain silent. We must act.

    We have to believe we can and then act.

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