Currently Reading

Sara Ahmed, The Cultural Politics of Emotion (New York: Routledge, 2004).

Reginald Shepherd, Some are Drowning (Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 1994).

David William Cohen and E.S. Atieno Odhiambo, Burying SM: The Politics of Knowledge and the Sociology of Power in Africa (London: James Currey, 1992).

Claude McKay, Banana Bottom (New York: Harcourt Brace, 1933).

Bethwell A. Ogot, History of the Southern Luo (Nairobi: East African Publishing House, 1967).

Vincent Brown, The Reaper’s Garden: Death and Power in the World of Atlantic Slavery (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2008).

In the next few months, I’ll try to strike a better balance between literary and historical texts, emphasizing more literature. Must keep reminding myself that I am NOT a historian, though I like to play in history.

2 thoughts on “Currently Reading

  1. I am cheating, slightly, as I’ve read McKay several times, and am re-reading him for an article under way.

    Ogot is semi-interesting, so far. I’ll know better once I’m done.

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