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The poster in the metro shows a little black boy with a bashful smile, his father in the background. The boy’s smile invites us to smile back, his eyes welcome us into his world. I am struck by his beauty, but also the sense that this boy is MY “boy next door.”

The text reads: One day he will fight for his country. Today, he’s fighting lupus.

Beautiful black boys.
Cannon fodder.

2 thoughts on “No Comment

  1. I haven’t seen the campaign but purely from what I’ve briefly just read on lupus then it might be because it affects our ethnic group more.

  2. What disturbs me is the idea that we should save him so he can fight.

    Why not use the term “serve” instead?

    Given the race and class politics of militarization in the U.S., I find the poster badly done. Little black boys can grow up to be poets and presidents. We should value them for that potential, as well.

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