End of Semester Reading: Names, Topics, Meltdown

Names: Ian Fleming, Agatha Christie, Thomas Holt, Diana Paton, Kamau Brathwaite, Jayne Krentz, Mary Balogh, Amanda Quick, Maryse Condé,

Topics: James Bond, Miss Marple, Jamaican slavery, Jamaican freedom, Jamaican punishment, rip-my-bodice, heaving bosoms, paranormal romance, colonialism, postcolonialism, harems, trash romance, heteronormativity, heteronormaphilia (mine!)–topics is a capacious category

Meltdown: my poor students are being inundated with how diaspora creates a unique history of sexuality–and somewhere in there I throw in the words ontology, epistemology, counterculture of modernity, counter-intimacy, contra-intimacy, Britney Spears, Beyonce, hegemonic, performativity, the politics of intimacy, the intimacy of politics, heterocolonialism, and Claude McKay!

Claude McKay explains everything!

3 thoughts on “End of Semester Reading: Names, Topics, Meltdown

  1. i could be completely off topic but i was flipping through the channels the other day and came across some show featuring Jamaican culture when I saw a couple of guys talk about how they hid their copies of Malcolm X’s autobiography between the pages of agatha christie novels because it was considered incredibly subversive to be reading the work. This struck me as an incredible coincidence because I remembered hiding trashy romance novels between agatha christie novels myself back in my catholic school days. it’s funny how some experiences are shared without us even realizing it.

  2. McKay is quickly becoming–or has always been–the queer core to my work on diaspora, and the more I read and think about Jamaica, and situate his work on Jamaica within diasporic histories, the more I realize how central he is. Tautological, as Aaron might say.

    But as a wise person told me, “think, write, publish, and be quiet until then.”

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