Hello, New Addition to the Tech-Harem!

I was forced to buy a netbook because the good people in Nairobi have hungry eyes and I did not like how they looked at my macbook.

He has two big brothers:
white macbook: Basil I
black macbook: Basil II

What shall I name him, this child from a different plan(e)t?

A Kenyan name? Because he’ll be coming on my journey home with me?

2 thoughts on “Hello, New Addition to the Tech-Harem!

  1. ‘…did not like how they looked at my macbook’! That’s so funny! I’m considering getting one myself, a laptop bag is an invite to Nairobbers. Name? How about ‘Erectus’ considering the state you’ll mostly be in because you can now watch those ‘filims’ anytime, anywhere.

  2. Me? Sully my new netbook with those “filims”?

    Basil I has my collection of Wonder Woman

    Basil II Doctor Who

    This one doesn’t have enough space–and I don’t want to add any–to hold films.

    Perhaps Erickson? Ere-gone? Erectonull? Erectophone? Erectophobe? Phoebie for short?

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