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Who is this Pussy Galore from Harlem?

‘She is the only woman who runs a gang in America. It is a gang of women. . . . She is entirely reliable. She was a trapeze artist. She had a team. It was called “Pussy Galore and her Abrocats”. . . . The team was unsuccessful so she trained them as burglars, cat burglars. It grew into a gang of outstanding ruthlessness. It is a Lesbian organization which now calls itself “The Cement Mixers”.

Ian Fleming, Goldfinger (1959)

6 thoughts on “Currently Reading: Goldfinger

  1. Keguro!! How many ways have I missed you? Let me count the ways! (um.. 8 in this post at least!). Haiya- uko home? For how long? If for a wee bit longer, I would pay for your studio photo to meet up… Si you hook it up on email? And shame on me for leaving you a message on your blog comment section but ah, well, we knew each other before the elections so…

  2. The last I knew you were on the back of a bicycle heading through the hills of Uganda. You made it out safely! As soon as my email starts behaving–we’re having transition issues–it shall be dispatched.

  3. At the end, Pussy discovers that all she needed was the love of a good man.

    Bond does have some nasty stuff to say about pansies and confusion and so on.

    My books are attached to me. They cannot leave my side. It is a tragic condition.

  4. Arghh, so now I have to actually READ Bond instead of watching him? Damn you Keguro!

    PS Claude McKay is your dude. Give me his one book everyone has to read so I can see why.

  5. Sorry, no shortcuts on McKay.

    Banjo (1929)
    Banana Bottom (1933)
    A Long Way from Home (1937)

    Given your proclivities (nice way to describe you as a historian) I’d suggest A Long Way from Home, a lovely and strange autobiography.

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