I have been trying very hard not to blog about Kenyan politics, Michael Jackson, James Bond, Agatha Christie, trash romance, cilantro and rosemary, the weather, ongoing research projects, visits to the archive, queer politics, queer sex, queer celibacy, hot daddies, Kenyan condoms, avocadoes, shades of brown, flowers and gardens, anti-intellectualism, Kenyan education, U.S. education, “the” job market, filing nails, cutting hair, brushing teeth, nieces and siblings, dancing, debating, dalliances, Tyra, toothaches, titillation, hot Kenyan men, average Kenyan men, ugly Kenyan men, and the mindfuck of reading British spelling.

5 thoughts on “Un-Blogging

  1. Why in the world would you not want to blog about cilantro and rosemary, dear man? Are they any less deserving of your eloquence than, say, oregano or parsley? Please, I beg you — Give us the word on herbs!

  2. I am supremely unqualified to write on herbs since I am back to a diet of salt and pepper.

    The lovely rosemary plant that sits outside my bedroom window mocks me.

  3. LMAO!

    Clearly you have made my day, Keguro!

    May I ask that you remove from that list above the following things – Hot Kenyan men and titillation. How else do we survive the celibates and those who get none amongst us?

    And why would you not blog about James Bond? Criag is F-I-N-E!!!

  4. Celibacy is a choice and would not exist without titillation, masturbation, and secret affairs.

    Daniel Craig is aiight. The Bond in the books is more interesting because of his petty prejudices.

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