Break Up

Dear . . .,

You have begun to annoy me. You are everywhere. You are indiscriminate. You allow yourself to be used too much and too often.

. . ., when we started this journey I loved your coyness, your knowingness, your wink-nudge-titter as much as I loved your cluelessness, your endless shrug, those tiny spaces of possibility and silence. You were mysterious and knowing, delicate without being fragile.

I adored each of your dot-space-dot-space-dot.

I don’t know that I will ever feel the same way again. I had warned you that , would always be my first love, that seductive bit of hesitation, the never-ending foreplay. You, . . ., smile too much and too often, even without occasion, and I have seen you give yourself to apprentice writers, court naïve editors, woo unsuspecting readers.

I’m sorry, . . ., I cannot, any longer.

5 thoughts on “Break Up

  1. I must admit, I’ve never been faithful to the ellipsis. I much prefer semicolons and commas, so much more flexible and sexy, and shapely.

  2. Colons are too “take me, take me, take me,” and not even fun in their promiscuity. Available and boring. The worst mix.

    Commas and semicolons are the great flirts of punctuation, always promising more, but not too easily.

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