I have entered what I would like to think is a semi-productive hibernation period, when questions bubble, answers are few, and some interesting stuff happens.

Here are three interrelated questions I am pursuing.

1. Did harambee kill unionization? And, if so, is it central to Kenya’s neoliberal history?

2. How does the changing image of the Kenyan abroad from exile to diasporan tell a story about a changing emphasis from politics to economics? How does the term diaspora function within Kenyan histories as a primarily economic description?

3. Is the current era of remittance the final nail in the coffin of revolution?

Needless to say, all of these questions fall far afield from my areas of specialization (though I do have a nifty answer to the question on diaspora). And I will need help from some very smart people in politics and history and economics to make sense of what I am arguing is the major story of Kenyan history right now.

Nope. That is not an overstatement.