You ask about abbreviations
if new truncations signal lost vowels
authenticating o’s and a’s and i’s

We are a much voweled people

indifferent to Tarzanic usurpations
and tom tom imitations

You forget the distinction between u and u
You ask if
salt inflames like pepper
or mangoes cut like ginger

The instinct of noses
is secretly lodged
in habit

You still sneeze, in surprise

Calluses register burns
the heat of stones and wood and clay

Inadequate teflology
You ask if it is all flavor
as though style has taste

Rosemary tastes the same
but borders shift buds

Green is not all
or rocket

This season
We miss the tastebuds of our youth
Complain of cloying childhoods
Forgotten vowels

Your guttural calls
Tarzan me,

I taste habit
Expect floods

*Yes, it’s my work. Please don’t steal it.

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  1. this is a good poem about the five senses. how eloquently written in a subject that reveals “true africa”. keep writing poems.

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