New Ventures in Poetry

A good friend leads me into temptation. And I am very weak. So weak that I modified the Lord’s Prayer: not, “lead us not into temptation,” but, “and when I fall into temptation.” Temptation: an ever-waiting manhole.

The project: to write poems responding to photographs, fortnightly, from June through September. A poem a fortnight, at least this is what I will be doing. Other Kenyan-based and Kenyan-originating poets have also accepted this challenge, and will probably write more.

Some, maybe most, of the photo-poem combinations will appear on this site. At least mine will.

I joke that I write a poem a year, if that. This project calls for a new stretch into the world of collaboration (see Seismosis on collaboration).

Instigated by Wambui Mwangi, who often appears on these pages as WM, and who is happily and readily and amazingly engaging and changing the infrastructure of Kenyan art and thinking, this experiment across form feels like a summer treat.

I am, for some reason, fascinated by experiments in terza rima, and have decided it will be the deep structure from which I draw, no matter its actual configurations on the page. Experiments because unlike what lovely textbooks tell me, my speech does not incline to iambs. (I just spoke out loud, and it seems it does, and I might have to accept it, unless I switch to Gikuyu. Oh, dear, I just did, and I am still doing iambs!)

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  1. Thanks!

    I am thrilled to be writing among colleagues–about five of us will be writing together–and to have parameters to anchor production.

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