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  1. hi keguro,

    your blogs are brimming with substance and beautiful images. for this one, my accolade goes with you for penning such a strong poem about the cultural disintegration, about genocide within dictatorial governments in africa. i see this poem as political and the symbolism of erosion in so many ways.

    i strongly love this poem and of course, the photography.

    hames here.

  2. Hi Hames,

    thanks for engaging with the poetry and image. And thanks for the interpretation–it means a lot to be taken seriously.

    I was captured by the redness of the soil, in part because in the Kenyan national mythology, green represents land and red represents blood. Yet, in my memories, Kenyan soil is inevitably volcanic red. On the road to my father’s house, for instance, the dust is red. So, I was trying to think of how to write a nature poem using unfamiliar colors.

    I was also trying to think through natural selection and plant life, and whether there was a kind of violence to plants that we absolve too easily, even though we know that some plants choke others.

    I am trying to be very careful not to make easy generalizations about “Africa,” in part because I teach my students not to make such generalizations.

    Thanks, again.


  3. I still want to know the feelings of the tree in the background: do you think it is contemplating the telephone pole…and its fate?

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