This is not about inequality, the constitution, sins of the father,
Neocolonialism. The good fortune of one over another
fearfully and wonderfully made. This is not about hard work.

There is a dirty boy lain outside;
temple on concrete, calloused foot stretched out.
Someone has parked a car beside him
and walked away.

©Ngwatilo Mawiyoo
Photography: Wambui Mwangi

2 thoughts on “Boy

  1. gukira,

    your angst ridden poem which speaks of inequality rings true. like a razor cutting through the callousness of human soul that tends to veer away from this naked truth of poverty in africa, asia and in any other part of the world. short poem but nothing short of its excellence.

    all the best.

  2. The poem is actually written by a very talented Kenyan poet, Ngwatilo Mawiyoo, who just released her first book. Not sure that it’s available in the States yet, and will provide info when it is.

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