Malawi Dossier: Introduction

Africans talk to each other all the time.

We have rich, textured conversations on food, fashion, politics, policy, football, rugby, economics, farming, sex, beer, fruit, photography, cockroaches, traffic, shoes, shoelaces, headscarves, lace, beads, sculpture, painting, lions, sunsets, funerals, weddings, affairs, abstinence, ants, ostriches, huts, mansions, heart transplants, religion, witchcraft, and the five secret spices.

The Malawi Dossier is an African conversation.

It takes the Malawi case of Steven Monjeza and Tiwonge Chimbalanga as a point of departure for thinking about the intersection of human rights, national sovereignty, and sexual rights. (Judgment Against Malawi Couple)

The dossier will be an archive of thinking by African intellectuals and an intervention into the politics of knowledge production in the service of social justice.

An ongoing project, the dossier will draw from African thinkers and artists, forging connections across times and spaces, disciplines and desires, exploring our pleasures and tensions, our contradictions and our sutures.

If you would like to contribute to the dossier, please contact me.

Welcome to our seducations.