Jamia Mosque

Sits in the heart of Nairobi. I grew up around and in the shadow of its architecture.

Every day and increasingly, I miss its comforting presence. I miss knowing that Islam sits at the center of my home city. I miss a home city whose architecture reflects its religious diversity. I miss the deep sense that people of faith can live together, something Nairobi has always affirmed for me. Always.

2 thoughts on “Jamia Mosque

  1. Looks like you’ve been away too long. The Masjid Jamia that had beautiful architecture to speak of is no more. Thanks to the rise in the number of people attending the mosque, there was extensive construction some years back.

    The new building covers up most of the original architecture and is pretty mediocre. Parts of the old mosque are visible to worshippers inside, but the view from the street (where tourists used to drive by to admire the mosque on their way to City Market) is gone.

  2. That’s more than tragic. I used to haunt a number of stores right around there–especially loved the tiny shoe shop, Real Leather, I think.

    Still, the last time I was in Nairobi I enjoyed seeing the architecture of religious diversity.

    Not so thrilled about the recent masses of ugly corporate buildings and don’t get me started on the equally ugly apartment complexes.

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