Sessions (2 of 10)

The devil visited me. He lives in my sister’s closet and he was taking his dog for a walk. Shhh. My aunt didn’t see him. She was asleep. His dog is red. People say he has horns, but it’s his dog who has the horns. How silly to confuse the devil with his dog. And then the drums started. Every night, the drums that no one else heard or spoke about. And then that morning I woke up and started folding clothes and they started folding themselves and having more clothes and they filled the room and filled the corridor and filled the kitchen and filled the house and I ran to the kiosk and told Kamau that the clothes were filling the house and he did not laugh and told me to go back home and when I got back home everyone was awake and looking for me because they thought something bad had happened to me. We don’t talk about that day because we would have to talk about the devil who was giving me presents but I didn’t know that so I rejected them and he took them back. Maybe that’s the day I broke. He came back to see if I was okay and he touched my knee and then the drums started again and we are friends again though he stopped coming to see me when I went to Uhuru Park and repeated what the German man said and was told that I was saved and then I read the bible and went to church and felt tingles in my balls when Chris stroked my leg when he was telling me about the power of the spirit. The drums didn’t stop and that was the devil’s way of saying that we were still friends and one day he will come back and maybe touch my leg again. It’s nice when he touches my leg though I think his red dog is very scary. But he only looks scary and maybe he needed to go susu and that is why his horns looked to be in a bad mood. Maybe if the German man who told me to lift my hands and dig in my pockets met the devil and they both raised their hands and dug in their pockets the dog could go play in Uhuru park while they were lifting their hands and digging in their pockets. And then the drums could start again. My sister’s closet is green and that is where the devil leaves from, not where Dante wrote, because it would take too long to get through all those layers and the devil told me he likes fast cars and fast elevators and fast exits. Poor Dante. The devil never visited him so he had to make up stories so that it would sound as though he knew the devil. Maybe if he had been touched on his knee then he would have known to write a story about my sister’s green closet. And then Goethe became very confused. The devil doesn’t do barter trade. When I woke up and started folding clothes he just kept giving me more. Sometimes he doesn’t know when to stop giving because he has no sense of space or need. Goethe thought that the devil wanted Faust’s soul. But where would the devil keep Faust’s soul. He needs to give away things not to take them. He didn’t exactly say that he would come to see me again but then I will go and sit in front of my sister’s closet to wait.