Always. Historically. Associated.

Dear Person I am watching on youtube:

I am glad you are a public intellectual. I am happy you are doing necessary work.

Kill the sloppy sentences.

Something cannot be “always historically associated.” “Always” and “historically” cancel each other out.

Concerned Viewer

2 thoughts on “Always. Historically. Associated.

  1. tee hee. I can guess who.
    On the other hand, if time is cyclical, yes something can be “always historical”–it circles back out of reach.

  2. I was watching someone else, not who you think.

    I am not a fan of the linear vs. cyclical model that some people argue marks the distinction between European and non-European time. I think it’s handy and overly-simplistic, simply because the experience of time, as I mention in the following post, defies and embraces both of these models.

    I was struck by the clumsiness of saying “always” while claiming to historicize. One can try to be careful. Even as one fails. Spivak has really destroyed my sentences. I will need a few weeks to recover coherence.

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