6 thoughts on “On Re-reading a Book I Hated at 20

  1. I like it that I don’t know what or why. But, I would like to know if, and in which ways, you feel you have changed since you were twenty years old.

  2. Taste is a strange thing to explain.

    Partly, it had to do with the genre–autobiography is a form I find difficult to read, or, I should qualify, certain versions of twentieth-century autobiography. Partly it had something to do with certain nascent versions of anti-identitarian critique I was learning. Partly it had to do with a certain slackness–I like this particular author’s poetry very much, but this particular prose work is nowhere as interesting–what is imaginative and textured in poetry feels flat in prose.

    I think what inspired the note was realizing how much I still trust that younger self–for all he had wrong, and there was a lot, he had a lot more “worked out” than he knew.

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