From Gwendolyn Brooks

They make excellent corpses, among the expensive flowers. . . .

Nobody is furious. Nobody hates these people.
At least, nobody driving by in this car.
It is only natural, however, that it should occur to us
How much more fortunate they are than we are.

It is only natural that we should look and look
At their wood and brick and stone
And think, while a breath of pine blows,
How different these are from our own.

We do not want them to have less.
But it is only natural that we should think we have not enough.
We drive on, we drive on.
When we speak to each other our voices are a little gruff.

From “The Womanhood,” Annie Allen

3 thoughts on “From Gwendolyn Brooks

  1. very nice poem, which makes me thinking!!
    Love all the Kenyan Blogs I’ve seen so far(Kweli, african poetry…), they’ve another view to the things. Great done!!

  2. Just to clarify: I did not write this. I simply transcribed it from Gwendolyn Brooks, whose work I am reading at the moment.

    I do wish I could write like her!

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