Another Syllabus

It is, perhaps, a symptom of teacheriness that I organize knowledge acquisition into syllabuses. “Knowledge acquisition” is not quite right. The syllabus is something more along the lines of “what would happen if”? I’ve been thinking about a class on sex, at once a survey (thus historical) and a dive into the libidinally and affectively difficult. Maybe an upper-level seminar. Let me know what other works you’d recommend, especially from Asia and Africa. (I know there are some great film selections, but I want to stick to books.)

Writing Sex

Marquis de Sade, 120 Days of Sodom
Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, Venus in Furs
John Cleland, Fanny Hill
Anonymous, My Secret Life (abridged)
Richard von Krafft-Ebing, Psychopathia Sexualis
Georges Batailles, Story of the Eye
Anaïs Nin, Little Birds
Pauline Reage, Story of O
Samuel Delaney, Hogg
Kitty Tsui, Breathless: Erotica
Patrick Califia, Macho Sluts
Zane, Addicted
John Preston, Mr. Benson

4 thoughts on “Another Syllabus

  1. Dorothy Allison – Skin
    Barbara Kingsolver – Prodigal Summer
    Sylvia Tamale – African Sexualities
    Minal Hajratwala – Leaving India: My Family’s Journey from Five Villages to Five Continents (Chapter 8: Body)

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