Become smaller.
And smaller
Fear works to contain bodies within social space through the way it shrinks the body. – Sara Ahmed

Fear works to expand the mobility of some bodies and contain others.
-Sara Ahmed
I have been afraid to use “ICC indictees.”
Pay attention to fear.
Pay attention to shrinking away.
Pay attention to contractions.
We are playing.

“I’m Shirley Temple
Curly, Curly Hair”
Irritated, we snap at each other. There is “something” not quite right.
Now we name as “something” that thing we once named during the day.
The KPTJ Report is hidden from view.
Do Not Look At This!
“Milk Hawkers” are shut down.
The President owns one of the largest milk companies in the country.
We can’t say this.
Power is openly contemptuous.
Power despises “the people.”
The president discusses title deeds.
One of Kenya’s largest land owners discusses giving away 50×100 plots.

Be grateful for crumbs.
Don’t Speak.
A cowed media sycofantasizes
We celebrate ever-receding freedom

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