Reading: April 4, 2016

Mariame Kaba, Imagining Freedom
Eusebius Mckaiser, I have joined EFF
Ijeoma Oluo, You Don’t Have to Love Your Body 
Namwali Serpell, Africa Has Always Been Sci-Fi
Alejandro Davila Fragoso, Norway is Killing Whales To Feed Animals Raised for Fur
Grieve Chelwa, Decolonizing the Teaching of Economics in South Africa

Kenyan Media

Peter Kagwanja, Ndii’s “Genocide” Thesis a Ploy to Defeat Democracy in 2017 PollDaily Nation
Jacqueline Kubania, Deputy CJ Rawal among Kenyans with Firms in Tax HavensDaily Nation
George Kegoro, Address Does Not Serve the Meaning Intended Under the LawDaily Nation
Rasna Warah, Remembering Victims of Attack on Garissa College a Year LaterDaily Nation
John Ngirachu, Anti-Graft Agency Now Wants Staff Paid MoreDaily Nation
Benson Matheka, ‘Firimbi’ Drive to Push for Change, Say ODM LeadersDaily Nation

Articles & Chapters

James Baldwin, “Many Thousands Gone,” in Notes of a Native Son
James Baldwin, “The Harlem Ghetto,” in Notes of a Native Son
Sara Ahmed, “Interview with Judith Butler,” Sexualities (March 2016)