Reading: April 5, 2016

Aditi Sriram interviews Viyay Iyer, Beyond Objects, Beyond Scores, Guernica

For me, music is subjects listening to subjects. It’s about intersubjectivity. What I’ve learned from my gurus is that when you hear music, you hear a person, or you hear people, and you hear everything about them in those moments. They reveal themselves in ways that cannot be revealed any other way, and it contains historical truths because of that.

Julie Iromuanya, Mr. and Mrs. Doctor

Danai Mupotsa, An Open Letter to My Comrade Bae . . . or at least 32 Reasons Why I See You

4. This is my love for comrade bae whose voice belts “justice now!” with impatience, full with fear that the chance to say it again and again will pass us by and it will be all for nothing. You are the same comrade bae who speaks softly; considerate of every word, playing cautiously with language, intentional and gentle when in the company of others who have been made to be more accustomed to silence. I see you.
5. This is my love for comrade bae who is full, so full of will that every part of your body presents itself, naked and exposed because you will give everything for the possibility of a life we have not even begun to imagine.
6. This is my love for comrade bae who gives us poetry.

Michelle Dean, The Wreck: Adrienne Rich’s Feminist Awakening, Glimpsed through Her Never-before-published Letters, New Republic

Sofia Samatar, 2016 reading: feast or famine (part 1)

Noah Berlatsky, Why Cutting-Edge Sci-Fi is Often Penned by Marginalized Writers

Sci-fi writers are creating literature, not blueprints. Cutting-edge sci-fi isn’t sci-fi that uses the latest gadget. It’s sci-fi that dares you to think differently.

Joshua Whitehead, Adapting the Indian in the Child: The Settler Colonial Politics of Adopting Native American Children

filius nullius and terra nullius are inextricably bound as assimilative and death-driven tools for settler colonialism in ways that lay claim to access to Native lands and Native bodies

Darnell L. Moore, The Occupation Stole My Words, June Jordan Helped me to Relocate Them

Study Links Disparities in Pain Management to Racial Bias

Renee Goldthree, Making Freedom in Colonial Antigua: An Interview with Natasha Lightfoot

Wambui Wamae Kamiru, A Letter to My Children

Kenyan Media

Daily Nation

Ngare Kariuki, Most Public Schools Lack Toilets and Classrooms

John Kamau, How Pyramid Scheme Money Vanished Through Shell Companies in Panama

Isaac Ongiri, IEBC Will Buy New Kits Ahead of Polls

Marion Kanari & Farouk Mwabege, Mass Grave Holds Remains of Lari Massacre Victims

Moses Odhiambo, Agency Sets Terms for Varsity Admission

Neville Otuki, Kenyans Spent Sh117.6bn on Imported Cars Last Year

Joseph Kanyi, Women Take on Nyeri Rape Gang

Duncan Omanga, Media Should Help the Public Interrogate Opinion Poll Results

Macharia Gaitho, No, Sir, This isn’t the Alternative Leadership

Mombasa Beach Hotel Faces Closure

The Star

Ramadhan Rajab, Extrajudicial Killings of Muslims

Wangu Kanja, End Sexual Violence Now

Otsieno Namaya, Media Not Yet Free

Jillo Kadida, Tonui Petrol Station Meeting Took Place

Jillo Kadida, What Tonui Witnesses Told JSC

Oliver Mathenge, State House to Defend Need for Extra KES 1.2 Billion

Academic Articles & Chapters

Edward W. Said, “Invention, Memory, and Place.” Critical Inquiry (Winter 2000)