Reading: April 6, 2016

Janet Halley, “‘Like Race’ Arguments,” in What’s Left of Theory, ed. Judith Butler, Kendall Thomas, and John Guillory (Routledge, 2000)

Samuel Delany, “Fiction’s Present: Brief Notes,” symploke (2004)

Tim Dean, “No Sex, Please, We’re American,” American Literary History (2015)

Lauren Berlant and Lee Edelman, “Reading, Sex, and the Unbearable: A Response to Tim Dean,” American Literary History (2015)

Tim Dean, “Clear and Sonorous: A Reply to Lauren Berlant and Lee Edelman,” American Literary History (2015)

Julie Enszer, Evidence that I Am, in fact, Still Twenty Years Old

Ethan Robinson, This / narrow sign between walls

Proshant Chakraborty, On Front-lines and Ethnography

Rasna Warah, UNsilenced: Unmasking The United Nations’ Culture of Cover-ups, Corruption, and Impunity (2016)


Hassan Ghani, Teaching Pakistan’s Poor How to Read

Nancy Agutu, LSK wants Legal Action Against Police

Alphonce Mungau, City Askaris Released on Sh 2 Million Bond

Nancy Agutu, Boinnet, Nkaissery should take Responsibility for Police Brutality

Samuel Kisika, Ruto’s Foreign Trips Leave Pending Bills

Tonui Tribunal Gag Rule is Out of Order

Mwai Kibaki, Rethinking Africa’s Water

Martin Mwita, British Firms Target Infrastructure Deals

John Kamau, 8-4-4 System Not Bad, says Ahadi Chief

Shaban Makokha, Five Muslim Scholars Join to Translate Koran into Luhya

Kenya on Brink of WADA Non-Compliance

Njonjo Mue, Victims Left without Justice

Faith Matete, KUPPET Accuses State on School Infrastructure

Vasudevan Mukunth, Hyderabad University VC Admits to Plagiarism