Reading: April 7, 2016

Pedro Pietri, “Puerto Rican Obituary” (thanks to Tamara Nopper)

Juliane Okot Bitek, The Mundane, Sublime and Fantastical (Poems 141-145)

Ainehi Edoro, How not to talk about African fiction

María Torrellas, Pan Africanism Today and the Future of Socialism (Part 1)

Margaret Kimberley, The Panama Papers Problem

Melissa Bean, Introducing 2016 Debutante: Matthew Cheney

Damon Young, Hotep, Explained

Marcelo Rochabrun, How Habitat for Humanity Went to Brooklyn and Poor Families Lost Their Homes

Julie Enszer, Drive, Louise, Drive

C. Patrick Burrowes, International Campaign to Block Outsourcing of Schools

Javier Arbona, “Anti-memorials and World War II Heritage in the San Francisco Bay Area: Spaces of the 1942 Black Sailors’ Uprising, Landscape Journal (2015)


Judge Blames Harsh, Stiff Laws for Prison Congestion

Bernard Namunane, Bensouda Targets Trio for ‘Witness Bribery’

Sam Levine, Sexual Harassment Scandal at UC Berkeley

Fatou Bensouda, Statement on Terminated Ruto & Sang Cases

Ibrahim Oruko, Enter the Technocrat

Alex Awiti, Wanted: Quality Teachers