Love Chronicle XIII (for G)

I want to understand the link between cum and tears

I had been looking for you and when you did not
show, the leaves changed their patterns, losing their
vibrancy in an unexpected deluge

What falls and cannot be un-broken

I find you beautiful, also, a suitable addition to my
collection of mummified love objects

When you said you researched images of AIDS, I
wondered if you played echo or narcissus

But line figures keep obscuring my vision, refusing
to grant me the sanctity of maleness,

Men, you see, have lateral placing, which means
astigmatism bends gender

The tragedy of going blind

I wanted to play Tiresius but you kept drawing me
to Dionysus, so we compromised that vestal virgins
might be interesting, if overrated

I confess to being envious of your beauty, your
colossus-like stride, even as I patched your broken

Blushes and Giggles

Something quiet passes between us, my fear of
intimacy, my desire for infection, the unspoken,

You stopped writing and I keep waiting, living
between love and obsession

To remember, in perfect sentences

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