3 works about Kenya

3 works explain the structures of power in Kenya.

Grace Musila, “Phallocracies and Gynocratic Transgressions”
Wambui Mwangi, “Silence is a Woman
Shailja Patel, “Politics of Contempt

Cumulatively, these works describe how minoritized Kenyans—poor, refugees, women, forest dwellers, sex workers, queers—are rendered disposable. These works describe the powerful alliances dedicated to uphold various ethno-patriarchies. These works describe the relation between ethno-nationalisms and capitalism.

We continue to ignore the thinking and imagining and writing of Kenyan women at our peril. We continue to anoint Kenyan men as thinkers and heroes and leaders and artists and representatives at our peril. Patriarchy will always choose itself first.

We must co-imagine freedom and an altogether different, more livable world where more of us are possible. These three works are foundational to the work of mapping where we have been and where we are, and pointing the way toward that different world.