Tiffany Lethabo King, The Black Shoals*

I read the Preface and Introduction, and I am so very glad for this work, for what it imagines, for what it stages, for how it does it—lyrically, with care—for what it enables.

I am grateful for how it works through skin as method and archive, as embodied demand and reminder. How skin moves as here:now, land and water, shoal accretion. The shoal, Dr. King writes, slows down approach and movement, takes footprints and landings, holds space for ritual encounters. And I’m so glad that ritual encounters—of movement building, of academic speculation—move through this work, and that we are invited to witness and participate by that wonderful dedication:

To those who dance, share drum skins,
chase smoke rings, and brush tongues
to know each other’s languages.

*I’d write all of this on Twitter, but I’m on a break to get some stuff done. Like all the other employed academics—I am not one—I’ll return to semi-active tweeting when the new semester starts.

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