I am a student. I like language. At times, I hope it likes me too. But even an antagonistic relationship is better than none.

Email: kegurom@gmail.com

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  1. My name is Francis and I enjoy reading your blog though am not really a blogger.
    I had one question. I am developing a travel site for Kenya and would want to have my link on your blog. Kindly let me know under what terms I can add a link to my site on your blog. I look forward to your reply.

  2. Not many can write so well as you. I hope one day soon we will pick your book from the shelves; even though we may have to forego a meal of the ever-scarce ugali. Such a sacrifice would make such an acquisition all the more precious. I pray that your thoughts may enrich others as much as they have done me.

  3. Amazing… I will contact you soon. Best wishes

    Wangui wa Goro


    See my current poem in Pambazuka News in week of 6th February.

  4. I haven’t laughed so hard in days and I’ll proudly introduce your page to my friends. Love the way you express yourself. That is what blogging is all about, brilliant!


  5. wow!!! i love creative writing and I think you r one of the best writers i have come across. What I liked about you is that in most of your writings you take an issue and write about both sides of it. You write as a middle man not picking any side but just inviting the reader to think analytically about the issue u writing about.

  6. I like your “about” section. I like language. I think it likes. And, from what I’ve read so far, I’m pretty sure it likes you, too.

  7. I came here through your piece in the New Inquiry. Just wanted to share that I found it incredibly thoughtful, and brave (and not brave in the inane sense that you “shared” something about yourself; but brave in the sense that you confronted yourself with such confidence). You touched on many things that I, for a long time, struggled to put into words. Good luck on your journey.

  8. I too came here through “On Quitting” at newinquiry. I am deeply moved by your precision, your care in use of language and ideas and your evident commitment to being kind and generous while also demanding justice. Thank for engaging with this world–these worlds. And for valuing yourself, your time, your feelings as well as those of others.

  9. This blog is powerful and gripping… As I continue to find my own voice in this antagonism with language and the world, I am glad I found your work… The writers in our collective hope you will check out our writing and that we can connect, if only through the art of reading….

    Peace and Love to you

  10. Being a woman who has spent much time dealing with the politics of the world, I find your blog refreshing to read all the ponderings of a man of colour trapped in a life of lies as we the whites have also. Welcome to the bullshit of life Gukira. Warmly Samantha Bachman

  11. Hey
    I love your work. But more importantly and more pressing at this present moment, please tell me where your comment box went. It’s missing from the post about death and the one about grievances, both of which I was planning to comment on. thanks Kk

  12. Hi Keguro,

    Not the right place to comment (wanted to leave this comment under your poem “Shrinking”) but…

    Please join me in inviting all Kenyans to make 28th September 2013, a day of community service, thanksgiving, mourning and inter-group interaction, in view of the events at Westgate Mall. Kindly read and reblog the following article if you agree with it. Please join me as well.

    Thank you.

  13. I think you’re some of the most delicate, subtle and piercing writers I’ve ever read.
    My most profound empathy and respect for your beautiful, courageous and uncompromising work.

  14. hi keguro—trying to get in touch desperately! can you respond to my e-mail re: your GLQ submission? ta, and be well.

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