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in despair

In 2000, my email signature was, “my heart to yours.” By 2005, it had changed to “best.” Now, I don’t have one. If I did, it might be, “in despair” or “from despair.” Rarely, with those dear to my heart, I write “love.” Perhaps I mean, “love in times of despair.” On Twitter, Prof Grace Musila … Continue reading in despair


Rumuruti lands in the ear like Garba Tula, a place that once sounded so foreign I decided to name our Rex-looking dog Garba Tula. On the internet, one finds Garbatulla, Garba Tula, and Garba Tulla, a multi-named ungeography, lacking the exactness of Limuru or Lamu or Lodwar, those liquid sounds of place that glide in … Continue reading rumuruti

Going South

The South had always frightened me. —James Baldwin I first read James Baldwin while on a greyhound bus heading to the U.S. south. It was not my first trip to the south, only the first time I traveled there on my own. Something about the many-hour journey from Pittsburgh to the southmost corner of North … Continue reading Going South


He wanted to populate a world map of men who’d fucked him. Kenya was already taken. But I wanted to be on that map. * He was a librarian. He had the strongest calves I’d ever seen. * I didn’t know what he wanted until several years after, a yielding I learned to take. After. … Continue reading hunger