On the Unrecognizable

If one has been following news in higher education, one has noted discussions about “lectures”: good or bad, useful or not useful, boring or interesting. The topic is polarizing, so it seems. On the one side, those “lazy” students who want to be “entertained.” On the other, the “earnest” teachers who “must lecture” to “impart... Continue Reading →

Brilliant! Luminous!

If blurbs to academic books are any indication, many of us have watched Harry Potter films, read Harry Potter books, and imagine ourselves to be British teens. What else could account for the proliferation of “brilliant!” with which we celebrate new books? In Harry Potter, and in the many other British shows we watch—we are... Continue Reading →

12, 000 Words?

There is much wrong with anonymous peer review. As Brian Rathburn points out, anonymous reviewers need not be "bitchy," to use his term. They also need not take as long as they do, to add my own complaint. I understand folks are busy--but if you're too busy to turn something around quickly, don't take it... Continue Reading →

“I Watched the Late Show”

I watched the late show, An Officer and a Gentleman, which is a movie about factory workers not having a dream except to put out when they are shat on until a man dressed in white carries one of them away. Then everyone claps they are so happy. Forrest Gander, "Distractions from the Real World"

School is in Session

If the six hours I've spent reading and evaluating undergrad and grad work are any indication, school is back in session. Looking forward to a further 10 hours of this joy over the weekend. (And that seminar paper to write for a presentation on Thursday.)

When Women Meet . .

A wonderful set of meditations. And the rest of the Audre Lorde poem I had touched on: What do we want from each other after we have told our stories do we want to be healed do we want mossy quiet stealing over our scars do we want the powerful unfrightening sister who will make... Continue Reading →

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