Watching Pose from Nairobi

mah tongue is in my friend’s mouf —Zora Neale Hurston Soon after I completed high school, I worked at a small nursing home. Every few months, a certain kind of patient would come in: a young man, brought by family, rarely visited, visibly wasting. This was before antiretrovirals. He seemed terribly isolated and resigned. He... Continue Reading →

fragments toward freedom

Take it from me Some day we’ll all be free —Donny Hathaway We will win, Mariame Kaba teaches. “Hope is a discipline,” Mariame Kaba teaches. She asks that we practice how we want to live. Freedom is a practice. Freedom rooted in care is a practice. Freedom rooted in care and working across difference is... Continue Reading →


We find ourselves having to repeat and relearn the same old lessons over and over that our mothers did because we do not pass on what we have learned, or because we are unable to listen. For instance, how many times has this all been said before? – Audre Lorde I was reminded of how... Continue Reading →


They are sitting alone, dreaming a world, wishing for a little tenderness. Wishing for a different kind of tenderness, not the limp-stumble, bruise-soft after that lingers, not the aloe-rubbed, ice-packed relief, not the gravel-hard calluses where tenderness used to be. And now the thick-thick scar tissue where tenderness cannot be. The question of whether tenderness... Continue Reading →

African Pleasure (in 5 movements)

When we gather, we gather to co-imagine and to co-think and to co-create. We gather as a collective and to make collectives, no matter how short-term, no matter how contested. We gather to work across difference, as Audre Lorde teaches. No matter how far I stray, whether I’m thinking about sociogenesis with Frantz Fanon and... Continue Reading →

#BlackLivesMatter : #LuoLivesMatter

In The Predicament of Blackness, Jemima Pierre asks us to consider the relationship between the global distinction between the human and the unhuman along the color line. In this world forged by white supremacy, the white man is overrepresented as the human while the black person figures as non-human. These distinctions between the human and... Continue Reading →

Notes Toward a #kenyasyllabus

A syllabus is generative. The framework of readings and activities creates a shared space for thinking and creating. Objects of study produce shared frames of reference—those assembled by those objects may disagree over how those objects mean and work, but the objects create a ground from which to begin and a space to which to... Continue Reading →

Love Chronicle XIII (for G)

I want to understand the link between cum and tears I had been looking for you and when you did not show, the leaves changed their patterns, losing their vibrancy in an unexpected deluge What falls and cannot be un-broken I find you beautiful, also, a suitable addition to my collection of mummified love objects... Continue Reading →


Water is another country. --Dionne Brand, A Map to the Door of No Return At first, the sound of water. Residence time.1 Black time. Black untime. The memory of water—the memory water has—the memory water is. We keep returning to the water. We keep being returned to the water. A face plunges into ice. Again. my... Continue Reading →

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