#BlackLivesMatter : #LuoLivesMatter

In The Predicament of Blackness, Jemima Pierre asks us to consider the relationship between the global distinction between the human and the unhuman along the color line. In this world forged by white supremacy, the white man is overrepresented as the human while the black person figures as non-human. These distinctions between the human and... Continue Reading →

Security Amendments: simple facts

The constitution is the supreme law of the land. 259. (1) This Constitution shall be interpreted in a manner that— (a) promotes its purposes, values and principles; (b) advances the rule of law, and the human rights and fundamental freedoms in the Bill of Rights; (c) permits the development of the law; and (d) contributes... Continue Reading →

A Clarification

Kenya's solicitor general lied. Here's what the constitution says about rights and freedoms: 19. (1) The Bill of Rights is an integral part of Kenya’s democratic state and is the framework for social, economic and cultural policies. (2) The purpose of recognising and protecting human rights and fundamental freedoms is to preserve the dignity of... Continue Reading →

Our American Now

England was rolling moss and gathering buds and saving nines, Princess Di in a long dress, and First Aid English to fix our broken tongues. BBC Shakespeare with dowdy sets and James Bond the glamor of attachment. Pictures in an album, the silence we misread as enchantment. Now, the smiles seem a little sadder. Stiff... Continue Reading →


A document issued in 2008 reads, Recalling that the Parties have previously agreed to: Identify and agree on the modalities of implementation of immediate measures aimed at: Ensuring the impartial, effective and expeditious investigation of gross and systematic violations of human rights and that those found guilty are brought to justice. And have expressed a... Continue Reading →

Our Rational Now

In a less rational, more truthful, past Kenyans feared elections. Each mysterious disappearance, each car crash, each large-scale tragedy, all loss of life was attributed to dark forces: politicians were making blood sacrifices, making pacts with the devil. We speculated and feared. We inhabited rumor and innuendo. Feared the worst. Gave in to dark imaginings.... Continue Reading →

Queer Disposability

I do not know if William Ruto, Kenya’s possible new vice president, genuinely dislikes homosexuals. I suspect that as a mostly cosmopolitan Kenyan, one with lots of money and influence, he probably travels in the same circles as some wealthy homosexuals. I suspect some wealthy homosexuals might consider him a friend: a shared interest in... Continue Reading →


If one browses #kenyadecides on twitter, one soon comes across photographs of military personnel driving fancy looking vehicles across Kenya, or at least Nairobi, accompanied by approving comments from the twitterati. Television coverage has emphasized, repeatedly, that over 90,000 military people have been “deployed” across the country to guarantee “peace.” Were we living in a... Continue Reading →

Reading David Maillu III

I like Okot P’Bitek’s Song of Lawino. It taught me how to enjoy the long poem and led me to other book-length poems by William Carlos Williams (Paterson), Lyn Hejinian (My Life), and M. NourbeSe Philip (Zong!). I am a huge, huge fan of the long poem. Much as Song of Lawino might be understood... Continue Reading →

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